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- Burns Fireworks is entering its' 31st year in the field of Display Fireworks. We offer advice and support to ensure your shows are successful and worry-free, while maintaining a high standard of safety. Rest assured we will do everything possible to help make your upcoming celebrations a complete success.
Address - 92 King Street East K7G 1G1
City - Gananoque ON
Phone - 613.382.3846
Fax - 613.382.5024
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- We provide both professional-fire and self-fire displays using product manufactured to our own specifications in our factory in Liuyang, China. In addition, we supply to distributors throughout Canada. Our products have been tested and approved by Explosives Regulatory Division for use in Canada. Our colours and effects are spectacular. Reliability is excellent, We have $5,000,000 of insurance coverage and are proud to say that we have never had an insurance claim against us. When you deal with David Whysall International Fireworks you get the benefit of 40 years experience in firework design and manufacture, AND the production of spectacular fireworks displays. Experience gained on four continents. In addition, you get true professionals who really understand fireworks, and an experienced, fully trained crew for your event We not only design, and fire spectacularly choreographed displays, but we also have the skill and technical knowledge to design and manufacture the product in accordance with strict quality control standards.We will ensure that the safety guidelines and other regulatory and legal requirements are met or exceeded. The fireworks display is probably the most eagerly awaited event at your festival. Don't risk the disappointment or liability of a poor or unsafe display. Self-fire displays We can provide the fireworks for your display if you have a licensed Fireworks Supervisor to shoot them (this service is only available in Canada). We can also loan you mortars for your display, or alternatively, you can purchase them.
Address - 182188 S.R. 20 L0N 1N0
City - Orton, ON
Phone - 519.928.3334
Mobile - 519.217.6222
Fax - 519.928.5905
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- Fully licensed fireworks company. Distributor of consumer and display fireworks.
Address - P.O.Box 22 Wahnapitae First Nation P0M 1H0
City - Capreol ON
Phone - 705.858.5396
Fax - 705.858.5396
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- Is a company with a different idea of what a fireworks display should be all about. It should be more than a show, it should be an entertainment experience. Firemaster Productions has created the ultimate entertainment package. Our technician's vast knowledge of the fireworks and entertainment industry has been merged to create the ultimate fireworks display. We combined aspects of a high quality, synchronized fireworks display and combine them with the beauty of effects found in theatre/stage productions. It creates a unique and original entertainment experience.
Address - Carl Rd. L0S 1K0
City - Port Robinson ON
Phone - 905.321.6705
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- For several years, the Fireworks Superstore has been selling fireworks and creating professional and family fireworks displays. Our company based in Mississauga Ontario, is fondly known in the community and the industry. Therefore, I would like to introduce our website and the new product line for 2005. As fireworks specialists, we are dedicated in bringing to our customers the best products and services at the lowest cost. We have developed a consistent product line that reflects the best products from customer feedback.We believe in taking a proactive role in not only the sale of the products, but also in educating the customers on how to set up a fireworks show, and in overall pyrotechnic safety. We would like an opportunity to introduce you to our products and services, and we are eager to help bring a new or different element to your celebrations. Fireworks Superstore offers outstanding customer service together with special discounts, product guarantee, and pre-designed fireworks packages with detailed firing rotations and safety tips. We will customize your fireworks extravaganza.
Address -
City - Mississauga ON
Phone- 905.271.3473
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- Associate of Royal Pyrotechnie QC, specializes in the design and production of traditional, pyrodigital, and pyromusical fireworks.
Address - 4637 Lincoln Ave. L0R 1B3
City - Beamsville ON
Phone - 905.563.8670
Fax - 905.563.8670
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- professional fireworks displays and special effects are designed to add excitement to any special occasions. We can accommodate any event with the capability and expertise to provide multi-media support, music synchronization, customized low-level and close-proximity productions. In Family Fireworks, our "Block Party Assortments" are carefully selected with quality fireworks from around the world. Our knowledge of the performance characteristics of the various products and over 20 years of expertise in pyrotechnics have allowed us to assemble these products with spectacular combination to give you the best value and best performance for the best show possible.
Address - 170 West Beaver Creek Road L4B 1L6
City - Richmond Hill ON
Phone - 888.882.7976/905.882.0878
Fax - 905.882.5204
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- is a proud Canadian manufacturer of complete lines of family and display fireworks. Also manufactured are specialty items for both commercial and military purposes. Currently Hands Fireworks Inc has three locations in Canada: Our main manufacturing facility is located in Papinauville, Quebec. It is here that the vast majority of our manufacturing takes place. Family, display, commercial, and military pyrotechnics are made to very exact specifications. Our distribution facility is located in Prescott, Ontario. It is here where most of our shipping for Canada is done. The Research and Development Lab and our Quality Assurance Program are also located here. Our National Sales Office is located in Milton, Ontario. Customer inquiries, orders for all pyrotechnics, and display design assistance are all offered at this location. Hands Fireworks Inc. currently supplies only the Canadian market with family and display fireworks, though large international wholesale inquiries may be directed to our Milton location. Our family and display fireworks are made with precision and care by Canadian craftsmen with many years experience dealing with the pyrotechnic compositions that create the nighttime magic that we so all enjoy. Spectacular effects, quality, safety, reliability, and the attention to detail are all trademarks of Hands fireworks.
Address - 3322 Hands Road, R.R. #48 K0E 1T0
City - Prescott ON
Phone - 800.268.5034
Fax - 613.925.1207
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- Professional indoor pyrotechnics. Our goal is to provide our customers with professional service that will make their Wedding a more memorable success. Our entertainment directors will schedule an appointment at your convenience
Address - 7400 Keele Street L4K 1Z9
City - Concord ON
Phone - 905.669.6141
Fax - 905.669.2443
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- has been providing retail sales of Family or Consumer Fireworks for over 15 years. Servicing Canada, from Saint John's to Vancouver with 9 stores, we pride ourselves on our excellent customer service, our broad product selection, and our special product discounts. Kaboom provides fireworks and display services for all events & holidays, including (but not limited to): Victoria Day, Canada Day, Halloween, New Year's, Diwali, Guy Fawkes Day, Chinese New Year, Baptiste Day, Weddings, Birthdays, Valentine's Day, Charity Events, & Retirement Parties. We also provide a broad range of options for weddings, parties, corporate functions, & promotional events. Put some bang into your celebration: contact us today. Locations open May
Head Office - 202 Laird Drive M4G 3W2
City - East York, ON
Phone - 866.452.2666/416.467.9111
Fax - 416.467.7090
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- is hard at work, Year Round, Making all your Special Events Memorable ones. From Civic or Regional Events, to your own backyard, we pride ourselves in the creation of the Perfect Firework Show. Professionally Choreographed Firework Displays Daytime or Nighttime Fireworks...In Any Season We have many years of experience in planning Professional Fireworks and Pyrotechnic Displays for all types of events. K&H Retail Outlets provide an ever expanding variety of fireworks and novelties. Multi-effects that previously were only seen at professional shows, are available at the consumer level. We stock quality products from some of the best fireworks manufacturers from around the world.
Address - 11684 County Road 42
City - Windsor ON
Phone - 800.390.3563/519.979.2471
Fax - 519.979.2813
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- Le Maitre Special Effects Inc. is a manufacturer and distributor of special effects equipment including fog, haze, bubbles, snow, dry ice, simulated flames, pyrotechnic controllers and indoor pyrotechnic effects.
Address - 1960 Blue Heron Drive N6H 5L9
City - London ON
Phone - 519.659.7972
Fax - 519.659.7713
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We are now located seasonally out of 2 trailers on either side of the city. Year round we can be reached for sales at each of the following numbers
Address - RR 1 Stn F P7C 4T9
City - Thunder Bay, ON
Phone - 877.593.7976/807.345.0131
Fax - 807.935.2750
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- Melgremic Ltd. Has been a wholesale distributor for 3 years serving many types of companies: R.V /Cottage Camp Resorts, General Stores, Corner Stores, Liquidation stores Independent Grocery Stores and Theme Parks through out Ontario with Family Fireworks, Backyard and water toys, Batteries, Novelty Counter items.
City - North Bay ON
Phone - 800.414.8870/705.472.7997
Fax - 705.472.7996
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Selling Monster Fireworks
Address - 1542 The Queensway M8Z 1T5
City - Etobicoke, ON
Phone -
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- formerly operating as BIG BANG. For over 18 years we have been Canada's leading seller of consumer fireworks. We are pleased to offer the largest selection of devices, lowest price, free shipping anywhere in Canada, delivery in less than 5 days
Address - 4115 Pincay Oaks Lane L7M 4L6
City - Burlington ON
Phone - 877.229.4448/905.332.0827
Fax - 905.332.1604
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- is the largest Canadian Fireworks Supplier. As a Fireworks Distributor, we wholesale Consumer Fireworks and Family Fireworks to all Canadian Fireworks enthusiasts and we offer Fireworks Delivery anywhere in Canada. Mystical carries the best consumer fireworks available. Including Roman Candles, Sparklers, Air Bombs and Family Packs. As a fireworks distributor and fireworks supplier, Mystical is on the cutting edge with the latest in consumer fireworks. By offering Fireworks Delivery of Canadian Fireworks our customers are never at a loss when it comes to service and quality. Retail, Wholesale, Supplier... that's Mystical Fireworks Canada. It doesn't matter where you live in Canada... Fireworks Delivery is as easy as a phone call or here on our website, point and click. We also carry hundreds of different glow products and LED Flashing items. Mystical can provide our clients with Custom Shape Flashing LED's. These Custom Shapes can be designed to your specifications and are great for Company Logo's, Service Groups, Sports Teams and almost any shape you can imagine. Mystical carries a full line of Indoor/Movie/Special Effects Products.
Address - 6 Foster Stearns K8V 5R5
City - Trenton ON
Phone - 800.563.1110
Fax - 604.852.1225
Email - david qz
Web Address -


- all we do is fireworks. North Star Fireworks, is truly a multi tasking, full function fireworks company. All we do is fireworks. Our breadth of service ranges from family firework sales, to indoor fireworks and special effects, all the way up to large multi media, musically choreographed fireworks productions. We have been doing successful fireworks productions for over 10 years with customers across Canada. We are direct importers, so we can offer the best possible prices available. We also represent Canadian shell manufacturers, so we can monitor quality, and have products custom made to suit our clientele's individual needs.
Address - P.O Box 2065 L0M 1G0
City - Creemore ON
Phone - 705.466.5333/cel 705.446.8590
Fax - 705.466.5444
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Web Address -



- Give me the sky for a canvas, and I will paint it with the brilliance of fire. PartyFrog Pyro has been safely using fireworks to enhance indoor and outdoor shows, since 1988. We will be happy to discuss your event and how pyro will enhance the experience for all.
Address - PO Box 849
City - Cayuga ON
Phone - 888.246.3764
Fax -
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- We sell explosive entertainment Pyrotechnica is an Ontario-based company that supplies world-class professional fireworks and production services for outdoor and indoor displays across Ontario. Pyrotechnica's exciting product line consists of award winning effects from Spain, Italy and France. Our reputation for providing unique products, outstanding service and competitive pricing keeps us one step ahead of the competition. Our knowledgeable staff is dedicated to supporting and producing safe and entertaining displays of any size throughout Ontario. Our company is fully licensed, insured and in good standing with Natural Resources Canada - Explosives Regulatory Division and WSIB. All our products are authorized for sale in Canada.
Address - R.R.#1 L0M 1S0
City - Stayner ON
Phone - 705.428.5416
Fax - 705.428.0755
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specializes in creating the most unique pyrotechnic, fireworks and laser effects throughout the world, while providing quality and diversity to enhance your productions. We offer licensed and experienced technicians, trained in safety to transform original displays indoors,as well as outdoor aerial displays. Your company or team logo can be reproduced in laser animation or Fire Art with the quality of high definition photographs.
Address - 7676 Woodbine Avenue L3R 2N2
City - Markham, ON
Phone - 800.481.9910/905.479.9991
Fax - 905.479.3515
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- professional outdoor fireworks displays, indoor pyrotechnics and special effects, Family fireworks retail/wholesale.
Address - 850 Canboro Road L0S 1C0
City - Fenwick, ON
Phone - 905.892.1806
Fax -
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- Welcome to Specialized Pyrotechnics and Bigfoot Family Fireworks. With 40 years of personal experience over 4 continents, we offer unprecedented knowledge in family and display fireworks. Specialized Pyrotechnics is the only manufacturer of fireworks in Ontario. This allows us to create custom logos and boxes for your family fireworks and unique hand made display fireworks Display Fireworks Sales Canada & International.
Address - 182188 Side Road 20 LON 1N0
City - Orton ON
Phone - 519.928.3334
Fax - 519.928.5905
Email - sales qz
Web Address -


- is the largest Canadian Fireworks Supplier. As a Fireworks Distributor, we sell Consumer Fireworks and Family Fireworks to all Canadian Fireworks enthusiasts at wholesale prices and we offer Fireworks Delivery anywhere in British Columbia and Ontario. T&T carries the best consumer fireworks available. Including Roman Candles, Sparklers, Air Bombs and Family Packs. As a fireworks distributor and fireworks supplier, T&T is on the cutting edge with the latest in consumer fireworks. By offering Fireworks Delivery of Canadian Fireworks our customers are never at a loss when it comes to service and quality. Retail, Wholesale, Supplier... T&T FIREWORKS CANADA. It doesn't matter where you live in B.C. or Ontario ... Fireworks Delivery is as easy as a phone call or on our website, point and click. We assist each customer to choose the perfect assortment. We have 2 head offices one in Brampton, Ontario and in Aldergrove, British Columbia. We operate 40 temporary locations for Victoria day weekend in Ontario We operate 20 temporary locations for Canada Day weekend in Ontario We operate 18 temporary locations for Halloween in British Columbia if you require any fireworks for any other time of the year just order it online and we will phone you to line up delivery and payment Turn your event into a celebration.
City - Brampton ON
Phone -
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- We are Canada's specialists for fireworks sales with our head office near Toronto, Ontario, Canada in Richmond Hill, and an outlet in Burnaby, British Columbia. We offer retail sales of fireworks in Canada and we are Canada's largest fireworks wholesalers, so if you are looking for the best possible pricing on fireworks and related products you have come to the right place. Victory Fireworks Inc., carries an extensive selection of today's best fireworks including, the incredible Brazilian collection of fireworks, cherry bombs, air bombs fireworks, piranha fireworks, silver shrapnel, burning schoolhouse fireworks, fireworks pinwheels, strobe light fireworks, whirly bird fireworks, fireworks fountains, roman candles, fireworks barrages, sparklers, fireworks shells, fireworks igniters, fireworks punks and much more. Victory Fireworks specializes in fireworks shows, discounted fireworks, fireworks discounts, Victoria Day, fireworks safety, Canada day, professional fireworks displays, New Years eve fireworks, fireworks retail sales, and fireworks wholesale. .
Address - 45 Sims Crescent L4B 1C9
City - Richmond Hill ON
Phone - 800.363.4767/905.707.0169
Fax - 905.707.9958
Email - sales qz
Web Address -


- please feel free to contact us for information on our products and keep checking our website for more exciting products to be added soon. Vulcan Fireworks International Ltd. is proud to to be the first importer of Chinese made Vulcan and Shogun brand fireworks, which for the first time are available in Canada. We have worked very hard to create and manufacture an exciting line of products, and after many years of rigorous government testing, our initial line of products became available in February 2001. We also hold the unique distinction of being the first manufacturer of Chinese made fireworks available in Canada for over thirty years. We offer a unique line of family fireworks including: cones, roman candles, airbombs, roman candle barrages, single and multi-tube fountains and mines all with unique effects, attractive labeling, highest quality and excellent pricing.
Address - 885 Progress Avenue, Suite 219 M1H 3G3
City - Scarborough ON
Phone - 800.511.3606/905.775.0332
Fax - 905.775.0214
Email - sales qz
Web Address -



- Indoor fireworks. A wide variety of special effects and pyro-technic devices can be used to really make a point. Unlike outdoor display effects with which most people are familiar, indoor effects can be used in much closer proximity to the audience Indoor fireworks are a great way to launch a new product, introduce a new addition to the staff or to celebrate great news, fireworks will definitely help build excitement. A wide variety of special effects and pyro-technic devices can be used to really make a point. Outdoor fireworks. Just about everyone loves fireworks. There is something about the spectacular colours, the sky brightening flashing and the heart stopping thunder that draws us to fireworks displays. Unfortunately, fireworks displays are sometimes only thought of for the traditional occasions Victoria Day and Canada Day. Outdoor display fireworks displays can take place throughout the year to help celebrate your event with a bang. With a variety of pricing and display options, it is likely more affordable than you may think. What most people don't see behind the scenes of a professional fireworks display is the setup and preparation of the mortars, and the launching of the shells, they only see the beauty in the sky. All details of the display are looked after, including, site inspections, by-law and fire department approvals and insurance. Displays are fired by fully licensed, qualified and experienced pyro-technicians. Ask us for ideas, the sky is the limit.
Address - 460 Union Street East N1M 1W5
City - Fergus, ON
Phone - 519.787.5410
Fax - 519.787.5410
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- Oxford Plastics manufactures HDPE mortars for launching tubes at fireworks shows. Used for launching shells and mines, or for creating mine racks, these launching tubes are usually anywhere from 1.875 to 6 inch diameter pipes that are about 2 feet long. Used by firework companies to produce spectacular shows at festivals, national holidays and other memorable events, these tubes are tough, lightweight and easy to use.
Address - R.RPO Box 119, Oxford Road 6 N0J 1J0
City - Embro ON
Phone - 519.423.6232/800.263.0502
Fax - 519.423.6057
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- Pyro Wear Inc produces X-treme clothing for X-treme conditions for X-treme people. Over the years, stars in the entertainment industry have looked to Pyro Wear Inc to create them clothing from specific materials such as Nomex, Neoprene, Teflon and Microfibre. A wide range of products from firefighter's undergarments and safety blankets to full body fire resistant suits have been constructed and used. Pyro Wear Inc has evolved, and now uses these unconventional types of materials to produce unique everyday clothing.
Address- Units 7 & 8 7676 Woodbine Ave L3R 2N2
City - Markham, ON
Phone - 888.363.7976/905.513.7276
Fax- 905.513.9272
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